Real Reel Fishing Simulator : Ace Wild Catch 2018

Become a reel fishing champion in Real sea fishing game for free ! Catch Mystery Fish like pro
Featured with the vivid environments and intuitive real-life controls, Real reel fishing simulator 2018 offers the most realistic fishing sensations and in-depth game-play.
Real Reel fishing simulator:Ace Wild Catch 2018 Features:
Realistic environment and sounds
Different types of fish species in fishing game
Never Seen Mystery Fishes to Catch in all environments

Flick Hit Baseball : Home Run

Want to play a baseball game! Want to hit a baseball out of park ? Flick hit baseball : Home Run is the ideal sports game to play.

Flick Hit Baseball : Home Run is an addictive game, where you can flick the ball using your finger to hit home run and travel farther and farther while improving your launch forces! How far can you go ?


Smash the Ragdoll Kill Dude is the most hilarious interactive stress relief ragdoll game on the store! Choose your weapon, then attack for hilarious interactive stress relief. Add some laughs to your day !!

• Missile weapons-Firing Incredible Missiles is just a tap away
• Love Weapons-Hot love weapons to shower buddy with love
• Dude customize -Customize your dummy with real photos for Kill
• Lightning Bolts – Shock your Smash Dude!
• Guns – Pistol, Shotgun and Uzi Gun
• Space Guns – Laser, sci fi and Reaper Gun


Flick your finger and make a homerun.

Experience various baseball pitches based on the pendulum movement. The ball will fly further if you can hit the ball directly with the quick flick. Experience a “real-life like” batting simulation in this baseball game.

Game Features:
One Swipe Control
More than 9 different Exciting balls with Different behaviours!
More than 9 powerful Bats to flick the ball to the Space!
Exciting Environments that give you feeling of being at Home!
Unlimited Levels to Achieve!


Its calming and weirdly addictive!
Squish bright anti stress ball to relieve or ease stress and relax. Tap and hold your finger to squish antistress ball toys.
love stress balls because they are so relaxing to play with and It takes stress away to give Such satisfying experience.Choose one of the Kawaii Squishy toys and start squeezing or kneading like a dough or slime

App features:
* Kawaii Squeezing anti stress toys
* Calming apps with squishys balls and kawaii toys
* Antistress ball toy – for kids and adults
* Anxiety stress relief games


Flick your finger and make a homerun.

Cast your line, avoid hooking fish while descending and catch as many fish as you can on your way up!
Finally tap to shoot the fish right out of the sky to get maximum coins.
Upgrade your fishing gear to catch more fish, dive deeper and to increase shoot area.

Ridiculous Fish Master: Go Fishing Features:
Simple and addictive fish and shoot gameplay!
*over 30 exciting new fish species to discover
*upgrade your line to go deeper
*upgrade your lure to catch more fish
*upgrade your gun to shoot more fish


Flick your finger and make a Hit! Experience a “real-life like” Gilli Danda simulation!!

The rule is simple. Flick your finger with the same feeling in which you would swing Danda in real life. Think of your finger as a Danda, and flick it with speed and accuracy.
Game Features:
One Swipe Control
More than 30 different Exciting Gillis with Different behaviours!
More than 10 powerful Dandas(Bats) to hit the Gilli to the Space!
Amazing Environments that give you feeling of being at Home!
Unlimited Levels to Achieve!


Let the Balls journey begin!Tap your finger and make a homerun!! No Flick Anymore!!
Experience various baseball pitches based on the pendulum movement. The balls will journey further if you can tap at the perfect time.Hit your baseball as hard as possible and upgrade your balls to journey farther! Improve your best distance!
Game Features:
One Tap Control
More than 9 different Exciting balls with Different behaviours!
Upgrade strength,power and bounce to hit the ball farther and farther


Block Puzzle 2018 ! is a fun and classic block game! It is Simple and yet addictive

Block Puzzle 2018 ! is our most addictive Jewel of a game that is simple and easy to play for kids. Block Puzzle 2018 ! is a classic tile-matching puzzle, building blocks video game. Block Puzzle is fantasy puzzle game to play airplane mode game
* Simple play and easy control
* Various block shape
* Interesting themes such as wood block
* No limited time to play
* Leaderboards, share your high score with friends
* No need internet. It’s offline game.


Control the fish basket hoop and catch all the fishes!
Collect Stars to unlock new fishes
Unlock the special fishes by making 5 consecutive shot in the centre of the hoop
Ready to catch some fish in the basket hoop game! Grab a hoop for endless fish Dunking Experience!!

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